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Woltman 90 DR builds foundation for new terminal in San Francisco

Currently, no less than four Woltman 90 DR drilling rigs are working at the airport of San Francisco. In several months, the complete foundation of a new terminal will be built, after that the current terminal will be teared down.
During this massive project, 1655 piles will be installed, all with a diameter of 18-24’’. The steel pipes have a length up to 127 ft. In order to stick to the deadline, pile drivers work in 10 hours shifts from Monday to Friday. Four Woltman 90 DR drilling rigs are equipped with special rotary heads, and a clamping system in order to install the steel pipes.
The average number of driven piles per day is 5 to 7, as the pile drivers need to in-bed the piles into a rock socket, to guarantee the load capacity of a pile. As data records must be made, the on-board data recorder is a very helpful tool.
Apart of the deadline, one of the great challenges of the project is the strict rules due to air traffic and fuel from planes. Foundation Contractors made a tight schedule and they are sure to finish the job within the deadline.  

PVE 23VMA protects A1A from corrosion from beating waves

ASAP Instalations out of Miami, FL driving sheets with a PVE 23VMA hanging off of a custom made Komatsu with a custom made PVE 500 power pack.
Superior Construction out of Jacksonville, FL contracted ASAP Instalations to drive sheets at the Fort George Inlet, Jacksonville, FL to protect A1A from corrosion from the beating waives coming from the Atlantic Ocean.

PVE Equipment USA welcomes you to Conexpo

PVE Equipment USA would like to welcome you to ConExpo. In our impassioned red and stormy gray booth number S5664, we will be exhibiting an exciting array of ground improvement and pile driving equipment you must see! Allow us to show you all you need for your project with our gloriously new and improved machinery at booth S5664. We are proud to display the best (and most environmentally friendly) equipment available on the market.

PVE 40VM prevents traffic jams in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville suffers from serious bottlenecks in its infrastructure. Therefore, the local government invested into the main roads, to solve areas of backed up traffic. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) predicts that ‘express lanes’ are the proper solution for this challenge. A varying toll needs to be paid by each driver who wants to ride in the express lanes. Drivers will have the choice whether they are willing to spend their time in a traffic jam or not.
PVE 40VM, vibratory hammer, Jacksonville, Florida
Constructing these roads takes valuable time. For this project, Reliable Constructors, Inc chose to rent our PVE 40VM and a hydraulic boom truck crane in order to execute the job in a fast, effective and efficient way.

Thanks to its high frequency character and PVE’s variable moment (VM) system, the PVE VM hammers are safe to use in a hydraulic boom crane, without suffering from vibrations, like they do with conventional vibratory hammers.
With this combination 30 ft long 52’’ and 72’’ diameter piles are being driven into the ground for the new overhead directional highway signs for the new lanes.

Extracting piles like no other

Most of the foundations are there to stay. However, sometimes even the foundations need to be cleared in order to start from new. Whether it’s extracting squared concrete piles or driving round wooden piles, our PVE pile clamps can be the right tool for the job.
The PVE pile clamp is designed in a way that the clamping force is equally divided over the top of the pile. In this way pressure points are drastically reduced.
PVE has three types / sizes for sale: http://www.pve-equipment.com/producten/36597/Pile-Clamps/ 
The PLK 120T40 and PLK 180T50 are directly available for rent from our office in Jacksonville.

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