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PVE Equipment USA: based on solid foundations

We invite you to share in our heritage. The Dutch people have a long history of coexisting in a healthy balance with their natural habitat. In securing a solid base for living and working, PVE contributes towards developing foundation technology in order to ensure that clients get the best equipment available.
Companies from around the world benefit from our unrivalled knowledge of foundation technology to meet even the most challenging problems. We are honored to share our knowledge. And we invite you to join in.

Solid foundations, innovative solutions

PVE Equipment USA is a specialist in foundation equipment. We are very proud that our products are embedded in innovative piling solutions. With over 40 years of experience, we have learned the art of knowing our clients’ needs and requirements.
That is why PVE can offer you a wide range of hydraulic equipment:
The PVE Piling and Drilling rigs are designed using the latest technology with first-class components in order to maximize production. PVE offers dedicated rigs for piling and drilling. The newly developed Multipurpose Drilling Rig can be used for different types of foundation equipment, such as vibratory hammers. The PVE Vibratory Hammers and Power Packs feature the very latest in vibro technology. Building quality is up to standard and performance is outstanding. The NL Impact Hammers series is a modular range with easy-to-mount and easy-to-exchange parts.

Global coverage and service

It is our heritage - the Dutch explorer’s spirit -that has enabled us to serve clients around the world, from Europe to the South Pacific and from China to the U.S. Obviously, PVE Equipment is supported all over the world and our technicians are specially trained at the PVE Education Center.


PVE Equipment USA, part of Diekso Group BV, holds a strong position in the rental market, with the largest rental fleet worldwide. PVE can help with every project. Anytime, anywhere!
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