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Return of the Classic!

The PVE 2316VM vibro hammer was a familiar sight at East coast project sites years ago.
Clients started asking if it's still available and therefore we decided to bring it back!
The 2316VM's we have here are similar to the older ones, although some updates have taken place.
1. The VM system on the hammer has been converted from hydraulic VM system to our proven more reliable mechanic VM system.
2. The PVE power pack powering the hammer has a Tier 4 engine, so environmental challenging areas are no problem.
If you're familiar with the PVE 2316VM, you know what this hammer can do and can be of significant added value for your projects.
For example this smaller VM hammer is the perfect fit for driving / extracting H-beams and sheet piles in urban areas with an R / T crane. No damage to the boom of the crane, no vibration nuisance in the environment = win / win situation.
Interested in purchasing / renting it?
Contact our office for our sharp sales prices / rental quotes.
Experience the difference!

PVE 2316VM + R/T Crane

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